It was truly an amazing night at our annual fundraising dinner, Building Pathways For Hope. We are so grateful to all of our wonderful supporters who believe in our work in making a difference in the lives of those living with mental health issues. We are also thrilled with over $100,000 raised. More pictures to come soon.

BPFH 2 David Hansen our wonderful MC taking a selfie with the crowd
BPFH 6 Mayor Malcolm Brodie, giving greetings on behalf of the City of Richmond, and sharing with the guests about he and his wife's commitment of being a longtime monthly donor.
BPFH 5 Richmond RCMP - always wonderful supporters of our Clubhouse community.
BPFH 3 Gilmore Park United Church presenting their gift of $20,000 a year, over 3 years, for our Youth and Young Adult Program.
BPFH 9 Barry Chipchase, winner of our Heads or Tails contest.
BPFH 4 Thumbs up from our 290 guests.