We are a non-profit organization creating an inclusive community through meaningful work and relationships, education, quality housing, and a sense of belonging.  We collaborate with people and organizations in the broader community to educate and eliminate the stigma around mental illness while championing mental wellness.


To Be the Champions of the Path to Mental Wellness

Who we are

Pathways Clubhouse is a Clubhouse Model program, accredited by Clubhouse International.  Our Clubhouse offers hope, encouragement and opportunities to people who live with mental illness.  Pathways Clubhouse helps members recover from mental illness and rebuild their lives through a supportive environment that focuses on each person’s strengths and talents, rather than illness.  We work together as a group and create opportunities for members to advance their education, gain employment, have a place to live, connect with their families, make new friends, and create multiple successes.  We also provide mental health public education to increase awareness and understanding of issues and concerns about mental illness and mental health.

We believe that the rehabilitation of people with mental illness must involve the whole person in a process of gradual acceptance into, and being embraced by, a community of mutuality, respect and opportunity. With this kind of support, men and women recovering from a mental illness can work and become fully participating members of their communities.

"At Pathways Clubhouse, members and staff work side by side in all aspects of the Clubhouse operation..."

How it works?

We believe a work environment provides focus for all parts of a person’s life – skills, interests, and relationships. Clubhouse work is real and meaningful because it arises from the actual needs of the members and the functioning of the Clubhouse.

When members come to the Clubhouse, they are welcome to participate in our “units.” A unit is like a department at a company, office, or corporation. We have many different units, and all of them require member involvement in order to help the Clubhouse function smoothly. Members also come to the Clubhouse to take advantage of our many programs and services, see their friends, and have fun.

We hold meeting on a daily and weekly basis in order to discuss what work needs to be done, announce events, and make decisions regarding the Clubhouse. Meetings are a great place to express your ideas and be part of our community.

What Pathways Means to Me . . .

It has assisted me in taking initiative and also motivating myself to do the daily life routines.

Mashood Member Pathways Clubhouse

It is great to see the progression from an acute patient in the hospital to a functioning member in society. Amazing to see how far people come.

Janeen Nursing Student BCIT

Pathways Clubhouse provides so much to me and many others who are living with mental illness. I have purpose and meaning to my days as I help out in the work units.

Bruce Member Pathways Clubhouse

Pathways is simply a great place for people who experience mental illness. At Pathways they really get to know your strengths.

David Member Pathways Clubhouse

Pathways makes our dreams come true.  I'm learning to fight because of Pathways and overcome adversity!

Melcia Member Pathways Clubhouse

. . . the difference was that there was hope once again.

Andy Member Pathways Clubhouse

Our Progress

A Clubhouse is first and foremost a local community center that offers people who have mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential.  Much more than simply a program or a social service, a Clubhouse is most importantly a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal.

A Clubhouse is organized to support people living with mental illness.  During the course of their participation in a Clubhouse, members gain access to opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, employment and education, and to the services and support they may individually need to continue their recovery.  A Clubhouse provides a restorative environment for people whose lives have been severely disrupted because of their mental illness, and who need the support of others who are in recovery and who believe that mental illness is treatable (Clubhouse International).

There are many ways for you to learn more about the work that we do, and the difference we make in the lives of those living with mental illness.   It is also important that we learn and understand more about mental health and mental illness. There are several resources in the Richmond community, ways to help others, and also tips on keeping your own mental health in balance. If you are looking for help for yourself or others, we can help.


Our Annual Reports provide a great snapshot of the yearly activities of the organization and allow us to celebrate our achievements and partners. Each report is presented and approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting in June. Below are some of our most recent Annual Reports.